President and CEO

” William E Bales founder of VPOS Technology “

William E Bales was born in Ohio on the 12th of February, 1964.


I have always been intrigued with electronics and taking them apart to see how they worked. The first thing I tore a part was an old Commodore 64 computer. It had just come out in September of 1982 and was the hot item that Christmas to a very few people who could afford one. After that I started taking everything a part from tv’s, radios, stereos, to citizen band radio’s and then I started learning some of the new things that were being developed in the technology world. I would go to a library and find a book of a certain items soldered into the circuit board and figure out what it was and how it worked. I began learning what things were, like resistors, microchips, capacitors, transformers and so on until I could identify every component on the board.

When Microsoft first entered into the big software era with their first public releas of Windows, I began following everything they ever came out with. Some of you wasn’t around when Windows 3.1 came out, but it was a big thing back in the early 80’s.  In 1981 it was the IBM 5150 desktop computer that had the old single sided 5.25 size floppy disc drives with very small amounts of space on a disc. Then as time went on and the software and computers kept updating, I was right there following along in Microsoft’s footsteps learning all their software as they became available. From the issues with the Doublespace Bin, to Nutshell, and DOS to Dbase, Cobol structured programming and so on. And as the years went by, I began to explore everyone’s software from Word Perfect, to Apple Macintosh programs to Windows and others. And I began to see a pattern with everyone’s programming. And when virus and trojans first started coming out in personal computers and in libraries, it was constantly a mess reinstalling the operating systems. But the demand for the computer was so great that the industry kept pushing forward with better technology and software. Years later Microsoft Windows was becoming the most widely used software around. And then new languages starting coming out, Html, Visual C++, SQL and Perl and many others.

During my lifetime, I’ve had many different jobs like most people. Everything from working in restaurants, many phases of construction, NFBAA Technician (National Fire & Burglar Alarm Association) to a Fire Fighter and Medical Responder. I enjoyed all these jobs growing up because it was always hands on training, and you could go to work right away and get paid for it, rather than going to a school to learn the same thing, and having to pay for it. But during all these years, I continued on learning and using Microsoft’s software and WordPerfect(Known currently as Corel) and others. And there became a time where my vast knowledge of computers and components started helping others. In 1998 I had become business partners with two other good friends of mine and was the lead programmer for the company. We decided to incorporate the business and become a LLC. A business plan was drawn up and researched for the area and had a very good positive outlook for profitability in the location that I lived in at the time. So building this company up by myself was hectic, while trying to continue working two jobs. One was a Fire fighter & First Responder and an Assistant Manager at a local retail store.

But in the summer of 1999 after about 8 months of building the business from the ground up. Literally from the design of computer build, to the design of all business forms both on paper,  email and website forms. Continueing with the company’s website, databases, client websites and services, networking everything. But all this was destroyed during a virus attack. It was lot’s of hours of hard work to build a business that you  may have to rely on during retirement years. And because of so many people out there attacking the privacy of businesses and private individuals by way of hacking and making viruses, they were able to control and destroy everything in their paths. I decided I had to come up with my own way of security measures. In September of 1999, I figured out just how to do it. But trying to find someone who has influence to listen to me about what I have created without having to go thru their IT departments and go straight to the top was impossible. Very few people are ever granted this opportunity.

I have a very high analytical and logical mind when it comes to solving problems. I think it’s because I like the game of chess a lot and I crave multitasking. The more things I have to do, the better I feel about myself and what I’m able to achieve. I have the ability that once I learn something or shown one time, I’m able to do it from then on very quickly. But multitasking is not just the only thing working for me, it is also how I think. When I look at something like a piece of paper with words on it, I see it as a three-dimensional object. I see what’s on the  paper, around the paper and my mind remembers what is behind the paper. The same goes for driving a car, I see the car in front of me, the people inside it and whatever was crossing in front of it. This was evident when I was growing up as a child, but I never understood it and couldn’t control it. So in September of 1999 when I had to rebuild the business, I kept getting angry at the software companies that didn’t want to pay attention to what I had discovered. So then later on I decided to created a way to solve the biggest problems on the internet today.

When I figured out that all computers in the world today has a very basic binary system, it was’t news to me. But when I put together the problems in a mathematical form, the solution was understandable and simple that I couldn’t believe that nobody else had even thought of it. So I started playing devils advocate and starting asking around about what I had. Now these people I’m talking about are no ordinary people. We are talking about Naval encryptionists and computer programmers and even spoke with a few college professors about it. The only thing is, I changed the information so that is was a metaphor similar to what I had, but never gave them the entire secret. They all asked me, “Why haven’t you come out with this?” And the answer is simply, money. It’s easy for people like Bill Gates or Donald Trump or someone like them to have connections and gets meetings set up and see who they need to see to get things done. But for someone at the bottom working his way up with no connections makes it impossible.

If somebody came up with the cure for cancer how hard would it be to talk to someone to get his cure backed? All he had to do is walk into a hospital and show the doctor what he had and the rest would be history. So now how hard do you think it is to walk in the door and speak to Bill Gates or Donald trump and show them what you have? Businesses always push ideas down to their IT staff so that they can evaluate what you have first before it goes up the chain to the top. But what about intellectual property rights? How many people would steal your idea on the biggest problem solving idea in internet history, before it finally got to the top so that they could say yes or no? You know the answer to that.

The purpose of building this new operating system was to inforce the legal processes of intellectual property rights of all people whether commercial or private with a system that is absolutely sound proof. And when I say sound proof, I mean “Virus Proof, Hacker Proof and Piracy Proof”. I say this with such certainity that by the way it is designed, I am going to quote the following statements.

    1. ” Even if a hacker has the correct id and password, they still cannot gain entry into any computer or server that has VPOS Technology on it. “~William E Bales
    2. ” A registered software program from any company with VPOS Technologies Database, and is installed onto a computer with VPOS Technology, it can not be altered, copied or pirated. Example: A person sits down and writes an email, sends it, and then leaves the computer on. Another person comes up and tries to make a readable copy of it onto a disc and goes home to their computer and tries to look at the email. The email can not be read via that person’s computer at all, and can not read the file even in raw data form. (Including binary form 1’s and 0’s) .”~William E Bales

I absolutely refuse to give up the secrets to this new operating system to people who will use it wrongly against governments, businesses and the public. The public is tired of hearing, “We don’t sell or give out emails addresses or private information to any third parties without your permission.”  How about when people TAKE IT when they hack their way into your systems? Now how much does your statement mean to your customers then? I’ve always believed in the word of mouth principle, but only if what you say can be held accountable. And if it is held accountable, then “my word” means everything to you and me.

Thank you for reading my Bio on website.


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